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4 Pallet Fridays

Excited to launch our first series on the blog: 4 Pallet Fridays!!! Every Friday we’ll be posting four pallet projects that make us love free pallet wood! Sometimes there will be a theme and sometimes that theme will be “random”. You can find all included projects on our Pinterest board of the same name. Enjoy!

Simple Pallet Projects

These five projects are absolutely simple. No muss, no fuss. Just great ideas for your next pile of reclaimed wood. The goal here is minimal tools (or no tools) and finished in the same day. Have at it!

5PF - Rustic Lit Candle Holder

Rustic Lit Candle Holder

It’s one board! Cut it to length – or don’t – drill holes, place votive candles… DONE! The hardest part is picking out the right pallet board. If you’ve got an hour, you could make 5 of these at least.

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5PF - Chevron Painted Sign

Chevron Painted Sign

Uh oh! I count six boards here – what gives? Well today’s theme isn’t “single board” pallet projects, so ease up. Besides, this one by @sambeedesigns only has a single complication: attaching the boards together. Oh yeah, and picking out paint colors…

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5PF - Necklace Hanger

Necklace Hanger

This could always be used to hang anything, not just necklaces. But with the interesting hanging hooks being colorful door knobs, it just looks perfect for jewelry since you won’t see them if you hang a coat on them. Once again it’s a single pallet board – lovely & simple.

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5PF - Pallet Wood Walkway

Pallet Wood Walkway

I want this! I want this so bad I’ll buy the first house I see for sale with a garden space in need of a walkway. Seriously, this project by @funkyjunkinteriors makes me want to do landscaping… yuck!

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5PF - Tea Light Blocks

Tea Light Blocks

If you’ve broken down your share of pallets, you’ve undoubtedly come across these riser blocks. The trash can or the fire-pit is where they usually go. But why? You can find some really clever uses for them and these simple candle holders are a perfect example.

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Hit the comment section below with your favorite, simple pallet projects. The easier the better. You might see your favorites in a future 4 Pallet Friday post.

Have you tried any of these simple pallet wood projects? Let us know below or on social with the hashtag: #4PF.